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Toxic foods must be ILLEGAL our mission

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Legal Products

“Legal by HealthyLivinG” products contain no- or low-level of ingredients that pose health risks.

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HealthyLivinG Foundation buys products incognito from store shelves, tests them in certified laboratories around the US for chemical toxins and pesticides such as lead, cadmium, arsenic, dioxane, dicofol, many other human health hazards; works with Attorney General, Department of Health Services, judges, legislators and teams of lawyers to implement legislation to make the sale of toxic foods and consumer products illegal and prosecute violators.

The foundation awards the HealthyLivinG Seal to toxin- and pesticide-free products, and this is how you can clean up your food, home and work supply—look for products that carry HL certification: it means this product has been tested and approved by HealthyLivinG and contained no- or low-level of dangerous chemicals.

It is the HealthyLivinG mission to make a sale of toxic products illegal.