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Not Every Consumer Product is Poisoned

This is not a scare-of-the-week information center but we are deadly serious about getting dangerous toxins out of consumer products.

Yet while the concerns we have expressed are real and do affect your health, do not start thinking everything is poisoned, that everything causes cancer, and that there is nothing you can do once you are in the supermarket and confronted by so many brand labels calling out for your consumer dollars. We have discovered many excellent brands. Some may already be in your home or widely available online, at supermarkets, health food stores, via mail-order, network marketing, the internet and other sources. They are safe and effective and just waiting to be discovered by you. The shopping information and production evaluations detail these excellent choices together with brands that you may choose to avoid.

Furthermore, we recognize that many products with the harshest ingredients—especially those used around the home for cleaning—perform their tasks most effectively; in addition, many hazards associated with these products are admittedly small and minor; often these hazards can be minimized through safe handling and use of products.

On the other hand, although not necessarily life-threatening, rashes, eye and skin irritation and allergies are, nevertheless, unwelcome health effects. Furthermore, no food or any other consumer product should contain ingredients or contaminants that cause an increased risk of cancer, nervous system damage or birth defects and all foods and products that contain such harmful ingredients should be immediately labeled and subsequently removed from the marketplace especially when safer alternatives are available.

The information here would not be necessary if government and industry were fulfilling a basic and essential consumer right—the fundamental right to be informed by full label disclosure of toxic chemicals contained in consumer products or applied to foods—or preferably banning the use of such substances. But, in our view, government and most members of industry are still neglecting their responsibility. We work every day to make them more responsive to the health concerns that accompany many goods. But until that day, use this is as your shopping bible. It will pay off in healthy dividends!


Consumers today want to make intelligent, informed shopping decisions. Until now, however, most have been shopping in the dark. They receive little good guidance from food producers and product manufacturers, whose advertising and labeling are too often misleading and not objective sources of information. Government also offers little guidance. Indeed, while many local, state, and federal government agencies are entrusted with protection of the public health, most have failed to assure consumers they are being adequately protected, or that they are being provided with full, if any, label disclosure of chemicals with carcinogenic (i.e., cancer-causing), neurotoxic (i.e., causing damage to the nervous system), or reproductive (i.e., teratogenic, birth defect–causing or fertility-impairing) effects, in their foods and household products.