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Sara Lee Bread Contains Pesticide that Causes ‘Aggressive’ Prostate Cancer

Sara Lee Bread

A chemical that the American Journal of Epidemiology links to “aggressive” prostate cancer has been detected in Sara Lee whole wheat bread.

The chemical is called malathion, and it is known to the state of California and other authoritative organizations such as the International Agency for Research on Cancer to cause cancer.

The study looked at the rate of prostate cancers among 54,412 pesticide applicators, is the largest study to date.[i]  Three organophosphate insecticides were associated with aggressive prostate cancer: fonofos; malathion and terbufos. The organochlorine insecticide aldrin was also associated with increased risk of aggressive prostate cancer.

HealthyLivinG Foundation studied 6 different products likely to contain intentionally added residues of malathion but only the Sara Lee brand chose to allow its use in its bread products, according to the test results. 


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