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Parkinson's environmental link

We now know that Parkinson’s disease, an affliction causing severe tremors, rigidity of the limbs, slow movements, and stooped posture, is possibly likely to be environmentally, rather than simply genetically, caused. A Finnish study looked at the medical records of 16,000 sets of twins born in Finland before 1958; of the 42 cases of Parkinson’s disease, in only one instance did both twins develop the disease, leading the researchers to conclude that environmental factors play an important role in its onset. The British medical journal Lancet recently reported that widely used fungicides can form stable, fat-soluble compounds with toxic metals and then penetrate the blood-brain barrier. The report’s author speculates that these compounds could be linked with the onset of Parkinson’s disease. We also know that viruses, methyl-mercury, which is found at high levels in some fish, and a naturally occurring substance in food may also cause Parkinson’s. Indeed, there may be multiple causes of Parkinson’s disease, including toxic chemicals; that’s why exposure reduction is essential.