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Most doctors are illiterate in pollution and pesticides

Unfortunately, most doctors know little about the impact of chemicals in food and water. Most have no training at all in chemical toxicology. In its landmark 1988 publication Role of the Primary Care Physician in Occupational Environmental Medicine, an expert committee of the National Academy of Sciences concluded that almost the entire medical field is functionally illiterate on the subject of the low-level toxicology of industrial pollution and pesticides. The committee also concluded that toxic chemicals are playing an increasingly significant role in the onset of disease and death. No wonder many persons whose illnesses are linked with a toxic chemical are never able to alleviate them; their doctors never think to check their blood or other bodily tissues for toxic chemicals. Yet, people are increasingly afflicted with chemical illnesses, and physicians must learn to recognize the symptoms that reflect industrial pollution and pesticide exposure through food and water. I believe that just as in the eighties many people checked their blood for cholesterol, in the nineties we will learn to have the toxic chemical levels of our blood checked. Fortunately, blood profiles are as easy to do as cholesterol tests. Many illnesses for which doctors can presently find no cure may be curable and manageable as we find their causes in toxic chemical burdens in our bloodstream and other tissues.