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Great Value Oysters and the Crown Prince's Royal Lead Contamination Problem

Walmart has dropped Crown Prince products from some 934 stores, according to sources speaking to HealthyLivinG Magazine on condition of anonymity. The move to drop some Crown Prince products from a significant share of the chain’s stores came after HealthyLivinG Magazine contacted the giant retailer about alleged violations of a Consent Judgment (CJ) of March 2, 2016 that Crown Prince signed with the Chemical Toxin Working Group. Walmart and Crown Prince executives were both given opportunity to respond to the report

In that CJ, Walmart was permanently enjoined from ever again selling its lead-contaminated shellfish products under the Great Value brand in the state of California. That is because the levels of lead were so high, they could be compared to a glass of Flint, Michigan, drinking water and endanger fetal development. The CJ was approved by former attorney general (and now US Senator) Kamala Harris.

But it was apparently never honored; HealthyLivinG Magazine discovered that Walmart and Crown Prince continued to sell its contaminated Great Value oysters to California consumers via its online site. Shoppers had the opportunity to have them shipped directly to their homes or go into the store and pick them up. This violation could have gone on for 5 years since the first NOV was filed in the state of California.

Crown Prince and Walmart claimed to have not sold any of these products in California despite the fact that Great Value brand is ranked #5 on the Walmart website; however their claim was impeached by incontrovertible evidence of purchases (receipts, shipping invoices and lab results) within the state by the CTWG that was presented to the company. After this, Crown Prince has refused to disclose sales of the Great Value brand of shellfish over the last 5 years--but they are in effect asking us to believe that a #5 ranked product in the online category didn't sell a single unit in the sixth largest economy of the world. As a result, Crown Prince impeded CTWG's sincere attempt at resolution on behalf of the state.

However, as litigation proceeds, CTWG will subpoena Walmart and Crown Prince executives to testify under oath about sales and testing programs. The real problem may be this: Walmart and Crown Prince never honored the CJ, sold a lot of the contaminated lots and now someone is trying to hide the evidence, making this beyond an amicable repair process.

The CTWG found Great Value Oysters to exceed the California safety level for lead contamination by 68x. One serving delivers 34 micrograms of lead to your baby. We don't think that's a value in anybody's language.


At the same time, the CJ prohibited Crown Prince from selling specific contaminated products without reproductive hazard warnings, the company has continued to offer other similarly tainted products in its line to California consumers without warnings, putting at risk women of childbearing age and a future generation of children. But the company is also putting at risk the reputations of many so-called organic retailers like Whole Foods and Sprouts Farmers Markets who cannot risk brand contamination but who insist on selling their "natural" brand.

Because the company chose to put profits over customers, the CTWG was forced to go back to court and file more Notices of Violation against the company on behalf of the state of California.

We will continue to alert consumers nationally about the lead and cadmium contamination in Crown Prince shellfish products—we think what’s good for California consumers is good for American consumers.