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Chemical Toxin Working Group, DBA HealthyLivinG Foundation (HLF), a publisher of HealthyLivinG Magazine, is a California-based federal nonprofit charity and a consumer health advocate.


HLF tests products for chemical toxins and pesticides such as lead, cadmium, arsenic, dioxane, dicofol, many other human health hazards and works with Attorney General, Department of Health Services, judges, legislators and teams of lawyers to prosecute violators and implement legislation to illegitimate a sale of toxic foods and consumer products.


In currently prosecuted by HLF cases, toxic levels of lead in food exceed x50 level in Flint, Michigan, water. Among prosecuted by HLF are Procter & Gamble, Dial Corporation, Kroger (Safeway), Wallmart, Chicken of the Sea, Bumble Bee, JFE Shoji, Crown Prince, Van Kamp and other major corporations. HLF has entered into litigation to clean up many popular brands of foods, cosmetics, household products with unsafe amounts of undisclosed chemical toxins.


If you ask, most people will say that the most dangerous thing in the modern world is terrorism. But the probability of you encountering an act of terrorism is less than 0.0000045%. Whereas the probability of consuming dangerous, cancerogenic toxins might be close to a 100%. Now you can estimate the probability of feeding your children and family with cancerogens. Daily. It is essential for a free market to sustain watch dogs going after undercover “terrorism” of domestic corporations, willing to sacrifice your health, your children’s health and the health of the unborn for immediate super-profits by selling you highly toxic, dangerous products.


HealthyLivinG Magazine educates and entertains a curious mind of a modern reader on a luxury of healthy living, beauty and longevity. It is available on 28,000 newsstands nationwide and by subscription. It’s monthly audience is about one million readers.


However, if you see a product that carries one of HL seals, it means this product has been tested and approved by HealthyLivinG and contained no dangerous chemicals.

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To support your own health, safety of your children and family, make this world safer and cleaner, donate to HLF now and get your tax deduction!